Read testimonials by our happy and satisfied clients.

David Duchovny, actor, The X Files

“For several years Chef Laura made me and the entire X Files crew feel like we were in a fine restaurant – even when we were dining at 2 am in the middle of the forest. Laura never disappoints and her dependability, pivotal for a set caterer, is a great asset. She had us anticipating meals with great fervor, especially important when the crew has been out in the cold for 14 – 16 hours a day. Laura pleased everyone by providing creative meals along with familiar old classics for the less adventuresome. Year round she always showed up with a smile and good food, day in, day out. Laura’s personality is both outgoing and focused and I’m sure she could handle any special requests or fly with any suggestion. While she has never catered a dinner party for me, I believe that when cooking for less than 300 people, Laura would blossom even more.”

Lois Aylen, Celebration of life, 70 guests.

“It was my first time arranging a celebration of life and I was bobbing around in a sea of overwhelm and confusion until Chef Laura rescued me. In addition to her excellent catering skills, Chef Laura is also a first class event planner who worked with me to ensure every planning detail was managed

“It was my first time arranging a celebration of life and I was bobbing around in a sea of overwhelm and confusion until Chef Laura rescued me. In addition to her excellent catering skills, Chef Laura is also a first class event planner who worked with me to ensure every planning detail was managed including : venue selection, bar service, rentals, flowers, the design and execution of printed material, music, and a keepsake DVD of the entire memorial event. The results went well beyond anything I could have hoped for!” —Lois Aylen, Vancouver

Patricia Santoso, Dinner party for 12

“My girlfriends still talk about amazing cocktail reception and dinner Chef Laura created to celebrate my 43rd birthday. Chef Laura was professional and friendly when planning the details of my event and during. My party was a success because Chef Laura made creative, delicious dishes, was friendly with my guests and it allowed me to just be a participant at my birthday dinner without worry – it was so fun. Thank you Chef Laura!

Paige Petriw, Owner, Spotlight Events. Dinner for 70 guests.

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“I hired Chef Laura for a backyard “wedding day after gift opening” event and had a fantastic experience working with her! She provided excellent suggestions for the menu during the planning process, as well as a great sangria recipe, all of which were delicious. She was accommodating with rentals and equipment and helped make everything run smoothly throughout. On the day of the event, she was organized and timely. The food was well presented and the service was excellent. Her staff cleared all the dishes and organized them neatly for the rental company to pick-up. We never had to touch a dirty dish! The kitchen was left clean and the guests left full and satisfied. Overall, it was fabulous to work with Chef Laura and I would recommend her to anyone!”- Paige Petriw

Iren Karas Loeper, memorial for 100

“I hired Chef Laura to cater an early evening memorial service. I was especially impressed with her customer service before, during, and after the memorial service. Laura was reliable, easy to work with, and provided professional guidance during the event planning phase. I will be contacting Chef Laura first for planning future events.” — Irene Karas Loeper

Mike Cathro, Memorial brunch for 200 guests

catering greater vancouver

“Here’s a big Thank You to Chef Laura and her team, who helped our family deliver a wonderful celebration of life for my late father. Since we all live outside Vancouver, it was especially helpful to have her thoughtful advice and organizational skills on the facility, suppliers and food. That allowed us to focus on the event itself and to spend time with the many friends who came to pay their respects. The food was fresh and tasty and the service impeccable!”
-Mike Cathro

Michael Yaptinchay, Brunch for 400 guests

“We recently hired Chef Laura to cater our school’s 2014 Christmas Brunch for over 400 people. This was our first experience with Chef Laura’s catering, and it was a hit amongst the Ecole St-Sacrement community. We were extremely pleased with the food quality and the outstanding service we received. We are looking forward to having Chef Laura cater other school events in the future!”

Mike Paz, Vancouver BC, James Bond cocktail party for 25

catering greater vancouver

“I had an idea for a James Bond cocktail party but wasn’t sure exactly how to pull it off so I called Chef Laura for help. She was truly amazing! Working through my assistant she pulled together an amazing menu worthy of James Bond himself. My guests devoured the tuna tartare which was unbelievable, the fresh oyster bar was spectacular, and the selection of cheeses was out of this world. Chef Laura and her servers took care of everything and their presence really added to the enjoyment of the evening.” —Mike Paz

Diva and Derek’s wedding, Vancouver BC, 120 guests

“Our wedding was on the eclectic side with a diverse mix of and family,friends and performers. When our plans changed unexpectedly at the last minute,we were so thankful that Chef Laura was available. Not only did Chef Laura and her team save the day,she also took care of every planning detail including handling rentals,staging a beautiful dining and reception area,and even converting a Green Room into a makeshift kitchen. Our guests raved about the delicious and beautifully presented food. Chef Laura and her incredible staff were professional,fun,friendly, and they made our day just perfect!” — Diva & Derek

Mike Paz, Vancouver BC, cooking workshops

“As a bachelor I tend to eat out too much and I wanted to learn how to prepare a few dishes that I could make at home. I contacted Chef Laura and right from the start she seemed to know exactly what I needed. We decided on a workshop format where we would discuss my food preferences in advance then she would show up with all of the ingredients and spend the next few hours with me providing hands-on instruction while we created the amazing meals she had chosen for me to learn. Chef Laura was always willing to accommodate my requests. She even went shopping to pick up the items missing from my kitchen, like a torch for finishing the crème brûlée!”

Not only did she demonstrate the proper technique for preparing each recipe, Chef Laura also provided invaluable tips that have really helped me become a better cook.
In addition to her flexibility, what I really appreciate most about Chef Laura is that she takes away all the stress and makes learning how to cook fun and enjoyable. I highly recommend Chef Laura’s lessons and workshops” — Mike Paz

Chris and Mia’s wedding, Vancouver BC,wedding event planning & reception, 60 guests

catering greater vancouver

“Chef Laura’s expertise in event planning not only helped us find a venue that was right for our style and budget, she made the entire process smooth and easy. A touching moment was when my Mom tasted the Swedish family recipe Chef Laura had prepared and said it was exactly like her mom’s! Our wedding day was beautiful and beyond anything we could have asked for, and our guests were so very impressed by the quality, elegance, and the exceptional staff. We cannot thank them enough for their part in making our day the most special day of our lives.” — Mia & Chris

“One thing I can say for sure, the food you presented tells it all. From Jansson’s frestelse to chocolate covered grapes, I should have known by the hors-d’oeuvres that were served. The meal was absolutely wonderful to look at and delicious to consume.

Thank you for being part of making Chris and Mia’s wedding a success, from the eye’s to the tummy everything was yummy.” — A very grateful Mamma to Mia

Pauline, memorial service, 30 people.

“For a memorial gathering that took place in a very small space, I was delighted to have chosen Chef Laura. The food was fantastic and Chef Laura and her staff were personable, respectful and unobtrusive.”

Ladan & Mike, Vancouver, wedding reception buffet dinner, 100 guests

“The food was amazing and our guest were still taking about it long after the wedding. Creative, excellent-tasting and very fresh, we would definitely have Chef Laura cater future events.”

Casar Jacobson, Miss Canada Globe 2012 – 2013 – In-home dinner party for 20.

“I really appreciate how you went out of your way for me. Thank you for absolutely everything!

June Earle, West Vancouver, birthday party, 30 guests.

“Chef Laura and her staff created a delightfully perfect evening with lots of delicious food, graciously served. Best of all, the kitchen was restored to perfect order at the end. Perfect!”

Lisa & Mike Muir, Vancouver, wedding reception, 80 guests.

catering greater vancouver

“For our wedding reception we chose Chef Laura because we wanted a caterer that used local ingredients. The food was great! Chef Laura was easy to talk to and provided very helpful suggestions about menus, planning and rentals.”

Beth Johnson, Toronto, birthday party in West Vancouver for 30 guests.

“The birthday party was marvelous: lovely food, delightful evening! Chef Laura and her staff were amazingly unobtrusive. Given the remote planning aspect I was surprised at how smoothly everything went.”

Kathryn & Matthew Sharp, Vancouver, in-home catering for 30.

“Chef Laura created the casually elegant wedding rehearsal dinner we envisioned. Laura seemingly effortlessly took care of every detail leaving us free to relax and enjoy the fabulous food and our guests in a wonderful garden setting.”

Susan & Mauro (Duso), Vancouver, in-home catering for 35.

“Our family was pleased with the catering services provided by Chef Laura which satisfied a variety of ages and tastes, including the “foodies” in the group. The planning details, food and service were handled with skill and grace, allowing us to concentrate on our special gathering. We heartily recommend Chef Laura.” – Duso

Mairead Reinhard, Communications Manager, University of Washington College of Education, evening reception for 200.

“Great service equals great communication. And Chef Laura and her team provided stellar communication throughout our planning process and our event. Laura was available by phone and email leading up to the event. When she couldn’t respond right away she would give me an estimate about her planned response time. During the event we were slammed with double the expected guest count. Laura and her team fluidly transitioned to this unexpected load while providing upbeat service. After the event, she touched base with me about the high guest count and ensured that my team was pleased with the flow. From start to finish they provided great planning and event execution. If we do another event in Vancouver, I’ll use Chef Laura again!”

Barbara Ellison & William B. Davis, banquets for 100 – 150 guests, dinner parties.

“Laura knows how to makes a spectacular impression! She really listens to your ideas then works her magic to make it happen and the results are dazzling. We love working with her!”

Doug Montgomery, Good Hope Cannery fishing resort.

“Laura is an imaginative and creative chef who creates outstanding meals. She takes care to learn your preferences, sources the very best ingredients, and the food is always on time and superb.” – Good Hope Cannery

Cheryl Stinson

“Laura’s passion and excitement about food comes through in what she does. By the second day they were peeking into the kitchen to see what Chef Laura was making! These international travelers who are accustomed to the very best, gave Laura first class accolades for her outstanding meals. They even bragged about her to our competitors who called to ask about the experience.” — CRC Research Corp.

Malcom Stewart & Thecla Shiphorst

“Laura made our wedding a truly memorable event. Professional and charming, she took care of every detail to transform our backyard into an amazing Italian al fresco dining place. Our guests are still talking about the delicious platters of beautiful antipasti, lamb, and tapas. Beautiful ambience, gorgeous presentation, superb food, and an extremely smooth day … all thanks to Chef Laura!” — Happy Garden Bed & Breakfast

Kim & Tony A

“Laura has a sense of occasion and knows how to make a gathering successful. Her menu planning skills are excellent and the food pairings and presentation are always superb. Laura sources the very best ingredients and you can taste the difference in the flavours and textures of the food. She is very smart with kitchen organization and manages large events with ease. Laura is extremely hard working and gets along well with everyone in and out of the kitchen. The great laughter and energy coming from the kitchen sets the mood for a successful event.”

Lisa King, cocktail party 150 guests.

“Ethereal comes to mind when I think of a Chef Laura’s food. Laura’s talent for creating unique and interesting food that is beautifully presented by a highly organized and pleasant team of servers makes for an event that people really enjoy.” — King Talent Inc.

Trisha Howander, wedding buffet banquet for 100

“Our wedding was a phenomenal success thanks to Chef Laura. Laura combined her awareness of seasonal local ingredients, her incredibly high standards for freshness, and our very particular ideas about food, into a unique and amazing menu that got major raves from our guests. Laura took the time to understand our needs and kept me on track with deadlines and venue organization. She was very easy to work with!”

Julie Lee, Executive Director, Unite with Art, 2010 preview party and gala.

“If you want the ‘wow factor’ at your event I highly recommend Chef Laura. Her exquisite food and gorgeous presentation was one of the preview party highlights, and her generous donation of an exclusive dinner for 6 was highly sought after and went well beyond expectations at the silent auction. I have great respect and admiration for Laura, and on behalf of UNICEF give my thanks to her for her generous contribution to helping children globally.” — Unite with Art

Sheryl White, Tenant Relations, Housing Services Dept., Vancouver Native Housing Society

“For nearly 2 years Chef Laura has been providing daily meal services for our resident seniors.Laura takes great care to plan meals that take into consideration dietary, allergy and individual preferences while also ensuring healthy creative meals 365 days a year. Laura’s caring and commitment to our seniors meal program has made her a pleasure to work with.” — Vancouver Native Housing Society

Diana Wilson, birthday party buffet dinner for 80.

“Having extensive experience with catered services, I was pleasantly surprised by Chef Laura’s selection of food and menu choices. Laura was very professional and her staff were fantastic. I highly recommend her.”

Linda Mix, retirement cocktail reception for 70.

“Laura’s professionalism and exceptional attention to detail combined with a very creative selection of delicious, nutritious and adventurous food made this corporate event a huge success. People raved about the food! I would highly recommend Chef Laura for any type of event.”

Sarah Tai, United Front Games

“During a rigorous period caused by an intense project timeline Chef Laura came to the rescue of United Front Games. After we had a few hiccups with other caterers she quickly got meals on track for our team of 180 people. Chef Laura and her team catered dinners 4 or 5 times a week and snacks during the day. Laura’s commitment to her craft is evident in her professionalism, tasty food and natural hospitality. She also took the time to set up the meal and explain the food to the staff. Our catering requests were managed with ease and dependability, and the entire Chef Laura team were ever so helpful.” — United Front Games

Dr. Phil Zack, guest at Good Hope Cannery fishing resort.

“Laura is great to have as part of a culinary event. Charming and professional, the connection that Laura creates elevates the enjoyment of everyone. Her meals are fabulous in terms of diversity and range of fare, and the unexpected and consistently high quality never failed to surprise and delight. I can’t wait to get her new cookbook!”

Gilles & Nancy, North Vancouver, in-home dinner party for 10.

“After considerable research it was Chef Laura’s great personality that was the deciding factor in choosing a professional chef for an in-home dinner party. As popular as the excellent food and presentation was Laura’s easy-going yet professional style which delighted everyone. Laura’s translation of our vision went well beyond our expectations and made the evening a success. It was wonderful and we would recommend Chef Laura to anybody!”

Kate Twa, Writer/Director, Candyland.

“Chef Laura catered our cast and crew post-screening party for the film ‘Candyland.’ Laura’s perfect combination, fun and professionalism combined with exquisite food and delightful presentation, impressed everyone and made for an outstanding evening!”

Maia Stockholder, Vancouver BC, memorial service “Kay Stockholder” 200 guests.

“Laura can be relied on to deliver elegantly-prepared wonderful-tasting food that is perfect for the occasion. She is extremely creative and capable of catering for a great variety of events.”

Julia Benson, Producer, Kits Productions 2010.

“For a 5-day film shoot with a modest budget we hired Chef Laura to ensure the crew was well fed. Laura provided a variety of fresh, healthy and delicious meals and impressed everyone with her versatility. Chef Laura was an absolute delight to work with and I would hire her again in a heartbeat!”

Robyn Wiener, Producer, Synergy Cinema Inc.

“Having known of Laura’s fine cuisine for many years I was pleased to have her cater for our set crew. Laura worked within our budget to design a menu that pleased even the most finicky of our crew members. Everyone raved about her top notch and beautifully presented cuisine. I can’t wait to devour Chef Laura’s gastronomic delights again!”

Selina Pirmohammed, Vancouver BC, buffet banquet for 100.

“Chef Laura went above and beyond all expectations to deliver a spectacular meal for our mostly vegetarian guests. Knowledgeable, efficient, and fully accountable, she took care of every detail. The icing on the cake was the raves about the food.”

Michelle Parzentny, Production Coordinator, “Facing Kate” GEP Productions Inc.

“Chef Laura has been providing office catering to our production for the past three months. Her food is contemporary, fresh, healthy and satisfying. We look forward to lunch every day!”

Katrine Sperling.

“Chef Laura can truly take the stress out of entertaining and adds wonderful personal touches with her creative flair. I would highly recommend Chef Laura to cater your next event.”